Daleks Doctor Who Experience

The Doctor Who Experience, in Cardiff, South Wales, had a special day devoted to The Doctor’s arch enemy, the Daleks.  Daleks from all eras of Doctor Who converged for fans of all ages.  Actors gave an insight into being a Dalek and how they transform a mechanical machine into a terrifying and inhuman alien being. … Read More

Colin Baker Doctor Who Experience

For several years I was the events photographer for the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, South Wales, UK.  As a huge Doctor Who fan, this was the ultimate job and I spent my time photographing some of the most iconic aliens from the Doctor Who series including Daleks, Cybermen and The Silence.  I also got… Read More

Doctor Who Experience Final Day

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I have always loved working with the Doctor Who Experience team in Cardiff Bay.  On September 9th 2017, I was tasked with photographing the final day of one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cardiff.  The fans did not fail to make this a spectacular celebration of Doctor… Read More

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Experience

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, enthusiasts from around the world were stunned by a surprise visit from the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.  In my guise as the event photographer (but, in fact, more as a huge Doctor Who fan) I had the opportunity to meet and photograph both… Read More

Doctor Who Experience

Firstly, I am a huge Doctor Who fan.  I’ve got the box sets, the soundtracks and pictures on my office walls.  So you can only imagine my excitement when I was asked to photograph the re-launch of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff in October 2014.  This was a dream photoshoot that involved spending a… Read More

Keisha and Brad Doctor Who Experience

There are some weddings that you never forget and Keisha and Brad’s in the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff was one.  Keisha and Brad are huge Doctor Who fans (as I am) and wanted to celebrate their marriage with a special ceremony at the home of Doctor Who.  The DWE team were fantastic, allowing us… Read More