Zixtel Metal Recycling Bunting

Zixtel is a great example of evolution in adversity.  During the pandemic, Zixtel’s management team decided to change direction and become a leading recycler of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).  And their aim was to end up with the absolute minimum amount of waste.  The company designed and built a plant in Weatherby that… Read More

Drum Magnet Bunting

The printer ink and toner cartridge recycling plant managed by BCMY in West Sussex is another great example of recycling success in the UK.  They resell empty cartridges back to manufacturers and also shred, separate and recycle cartridges.  When the cartridges are shredded, the ferrous metal components are exposed and require separation.  Bunting’s high-strength Rare… Read More

ElectroStatic Separation Bunting

Another focus on metal separation as a vital part of any recycling process.  The second part of this product photography project for Bunting (the first focusing on a new Drum Magnet-Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator Module) looked at the application of ElectroStatic Separation used to recover fine copper wire from non-magnetic materials previously lost to… Read More

Stainless Steel Separator Bunting

Bunting developed a very high intensity magnetic separator that enabled the separation and recovery of fragmented stainless steel.  The HISC and SSSC Magnetic Separators are used widely in the recycling industry.  This installation was processing waste window frames with the aim of recovering the various types of plastic and the metals.  Stainless steel (from door… Read More

Laboratory Eddy Current Separator Bunting

The University of Birmingham purchased a laboratory-sized Eddy Current Separator and Drum Magnet modular system from Bunting-Redditch.  Students and professors undertaking research at the university will use the new Metal Separation Module to determine the recovery and recycling capabilities of a wide range of materials.  The Module is permanently located at the Bunting-Redditch Recycling Test Facility. … Read More

Drawer Filter Magnets EcoVyn Bunting

The issue of plastic waste continues to dominate the environmental headlines and it was refreshing to see a true recycling success story at EcoVyn in North Wales.  EcoVyn process plastic waste, producing ‘new’ material that can be re-introduced back into the manufacturing stream.  However, one of the major issues they face is contamination and I… Read More

Recycling Lives Bunting

Onsite product photography is always challenging.  Whilst at Recycling Lives in Preston photographing the Eddy Current Separator Modules for Bunting-Redditch, I had to consider light, location whilst keeping safe.  Having worked on recycling, construction and mining sites for most of my career, I am equipped with all the necessary PPE.  I am also fully aware… Read More

RWM 2019

I have been going to the RWM exhibition as an exhibitor or visitor since the early 1990s.  RWM is the UK’s leading waste and recycling event, held annually at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.  In recent years, I have attended RWM to support Bunting with social media, press, photography and video.  An exhibition always… Read More


These waste batteries were photographed to support a blog I wrote for Bunting-Redditch.  The blog announced the company’s attendance at the 24th International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR 2019) in Lyon, France (September 18-20 2019).  I wanted something unique to support the blog and use on social media.  The photographs were taken in my studio using… Read More

Recycling Test Facility Bunting

In February 2019, Bunting-Redditch opened a new Recycling Test Facility.  Companies involved in recycling and waste management can conduct material tests in a controlled environment.  In the Recycling Test Facility is an Eddy Current Separator (for separating non-ferrous metals), a high intensity Drum Magnet (to separate small ferrous metals) and a Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator… Read More