Stage 1 Five Highest North Wales Mountains

The first day of the 10nTaff for Tŷ Hafan was always going to be the toughest.  We were climbing the five highest mountains in the whole of Wales in one day.  With our guide Jim Rigby, we set off to climb the first two mountains at 07:20am and finally got back to the minibuses after… Read More

Cadair Idris 2010

As the second mountain in the Tŷ Hafan Welsh 3 Peaks challenge, Cadair Idris is widely regarded as the toughest climb.  You climb uneven steep steps for an hour before the glory of Cadair Idris unfolds before you.  Then there is the up and down to the peak as you traverse the Llyn Cau lake. … Read More

Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) Dawn 2010

We took our first step on the path up to the top of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) at 04:30 at the beginning of July 2010.  It was still dark and very cold.  Within thirty minutes, the sun had started to peak through the clouds, lighting up the mountains.  It was spectacular.  The top of Yr Wyddfa… Read More