Industrial Magnetiser Bunting

This set of product photographs of an Industrial Magnetiser, built by Bunting for an Italian customer, supported a press release, blog and were used on their website.  The product had recently been redesigned, becoming more compact.  The photographs were taken at Bunting’s Berkhamsted manufacturing facility, where the magnetiser was going through final tests.  The photographs… Read More

Bespoke Magnetiser Bunting

This set of photographs features a bespoke magnetiser built for an electronics application by global magnetics company Bunting.  Product photography is often challenging as it is difficult to move the equipment into a suitable area to photograph.  In this case, the magnetiser was cut-out and then a white brick wall added to give depth.  The… Read More

Everlube Coated Neodymium Magnets

Some products are simply not that photogenic.  So I needed to be creative when photographing some small neodymium magnets to support a press release I was writing for Bunting-Berkhamsted.  This set of photographs were taken in my studio using a sheet of glass.  Positioning and balancing the magnets, especially the tiny rods, was challenging.  Also,… Read More

Manufacturing Welding

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the world’s economy.  In the UK, we have a rich manufacturing history, dating back to the origins of the industrial revolution, and introduced techniques and products that have changed the world.  Manufacturing still plays a vitally important role in the UK economy and as an Industrial Photographer I get to… Read More

Magnetiser Bunting

Magnetisers are used widely in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and other manufacturing sectors.  In fact, the demand for such technology has reached new highs as companies seek to maximise magnet performance to improve operation efficiencies and reduce energy use (i.e. fuel, electricity, etc).  Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of Magnetising… Read More

Drawer Filter Magnets Bunting

The Polymer Training & Innovation Centre in Telford, UK staged the Technivation conference for plastics industry professionals and Bunting was one of several exhibitors.  The Centre provides plastic polymer training and consultancy, specialising in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion training.  It is a technical training and consultancy business owned by City of Wolverhampton College. … Read More

Drawer Filter Magnet RPC bpi Bunting

I photographed a Bunting Drawer Filter Magnet installed on site in the UK plant of a plastic film manufacturer.  Bunting market a wide range of equipment to separate and remove metal from raw materials used in the manufacture of plastics.  The photographs have since been used in a European distributed press release, blog on the… Read More

Alnico Magnetic Assembly Bunting

All engineered and manufactured products offer an opportunity for product photography.  Whilst at Bunting-Berkhamsted photographing some other products, I took the opportunity to walk around their magnet assembly area and saw these Alnico magnetic assemblies.  I took a range of photographs that have since been used to support a blog, social media and brochures. Bunting… Read More