W Maw Recycling Bunting

This collection of photographs was taken for Bunting at the Rotherham waste management site of W Maw Recycling.  Bunting had replaced a competitor’s Permanent Overband Magnets with stronger ElectroMax Overband Magnets.  The photographs supported the case study I was writing, which was published widely by the international press and posted on Bunting’s website.  The photographs… Read More

MBA Polymers Bunting

Technical case studies require supporting imagery and video for publication.  Very often, the photographer has very little control over the conditions at the location, which means you need to be adaptable.  Locations can be poorly lit, dusty and difficult to access.  This photoshoot for Bunting at MBA Polymers in Worksop UK was to support a… Read More

Zixtel Metal Recycling Bunting

Zixtel is a great example of evolution in adversity.  During the pandemic, Zixtel’s management team decided to change direction and become a leading recycler of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).  And their aim was to end up with the absolute minimum amount of waste.  The company designed and built a plant in Weatherby that… Read More

RWM Letsrecycle Live 2022

I have been attending the RWM exhibition since the late 1980s.  There has been a monumental change in the attitude towards the environment and recycling, along with many significant technological developments.  This year RWM combined with Letsrecycle Live to stage the leading show for the recycling sector in the UK.  The RWM Letsrecycle Live show… Read More

HML Recycling Bunting

This gallery features a selection of site photographs of Bunting’s magnetic separators operating at the HML Recycling plant in Accrington, UK.  HML Recycling has over 50 years of experience in metal recycling and works with local people and multinational organisations to implement effective metal recycling solutions. The company sponsors many local charities, sporting clubs and… Read More

Parry and Evans Recycling Bunting

Parry and Evans is a family run waste management business established in 1961.  The company recycles a wide range of waste materials including pre-sorted household refuse collected in nearby Flintshire.  This mix of plastic and metal is processed through a dedicated line, where the metal is recovered Bunting magnetic separators.  A permanent Overband Magnet recovers… Read More

Metal Separation Module Bunting

Magnetic separator manufacturer Bunting assembled a large metal separation module at their Redditch facility to conduct pre-shipment material tests.  The Metal Separation Module was destined for a UK recycling plant operated by one of the largest metal recycling companies in Europe.  The Metal Separation Module included three Vibratory Feeders, two Drum Magnets and an Eddy… Read More

UPVC Window Recycling Bunting

Seeing is believing and getting photographs and video of equipment in operation is really important to demonstrate what is possible.  This set of photographs was taken for Bunting-Redditch to show the ability of their HISC Magnetic Separator to separate stainless steel from shredded UPVC window frames.  Stainless steel consistently poses a problem for window recyclers… Read More

Hitachi High-Tech Visit Bunting

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science visited Bunting-Redditch to film the use of a X-MET8000 handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyser.  The handheld analyser is used for the Bunting team when undertaking controlled material test work in their Customer Experience Centre and to check the quality and grade of delivered metal used for manufacturing.  The photographs supported the… Read More

Eddy Current Separator Bunting

A product photography assignment for Bunting-Redditch, showing the final assembly of an Eddy Current Separator.  This two-metre wide Eddy Current Separator from Bunting is destined for an overseas waste recycling plant, where it will recover non-ferrous metals such as aluminium beverage cans.  The equipment was photographed on the shop floor and cut-out post process.  For… Read More