10nTaff Training September 2020

September marked a wonderful change in the seasons, with greens turning to browns and leaves starting to fall from trees.   It was wonderful to witness the change as I cycled and hiked whilst training for the 2021 10nTaff for Tŷ Hafan.  However, the change of seasons also brought colder and wetter weather and shorter days. … Read More

10nTaff Training August 2020

On August, I spent 17 out of 31 days spent either walking or mountain biking training for next year’s 10nTaff challenge for Tŷ Hafan.  Over 26 hours, I walked 68 miles, climbing 9957 feet (3035m) and cycled 60 miles, climbing 6197 feet (1889m).  My playground has been very local with the Garth Hill, Craig-yr-Allt, Rudry… Read More

10nTaff Training May 2020

May 2020 was the perfect month for hiking and cycling.  Watching Spring unfold in beautiful sunshine has been special.  My daily routine has included hiking and cycling, which has been precious.  I intend to maintain this change in lifestyle once everything starts going back to normal.  I never appreciated how important it is to allow… Read More

10nTaff Training March 2020

To say March 2020 was tough is an understatement.  The rise of the coronavirus pandemic changed everyone’s life.  As the severity of the crisis became increasingly apparent, it was inevitable that the 10nTaff challenge for Tŷ Hafan would be postponed, and is now rescheduled for July 2021.  We are a family with a vulnerable person… Read More

CF Warriors Easter Riders 2019

Between 14th and 18th April 2019, Josh Llewellyn Jones and James Robbo Robson cycled from Edinburgh to Cardiff, joined by Stephen Dickson on route. The challenge was known as the CF Warriors Easter Riders. The 400 miles plus journey recognised the 30 year anniversary of when Josh’s late uncle and his friends cycled the same… Read More