Cupper Press Tooling FSG Tool and Die

Precision engineering company FSG Tool and Die design and manufacture high-specification tooling for a wide range of applications including electric vehicle components and food cans.  The tolerances of their tooling is acute, which is illustrated in this set of photographs.  The FSG manufacturing facility is located in Llantrisant in South Wales and attracts engineering talent… Read More

Pilamec Powder Milling and Blending

I have spent many years on mineral processing sites all over the world and so I was pretty excited at getting the opportunity to photograph the Pilamec powder milling and blending plant in Gloucestershire, UK.  The Bunting Group acquired Pilamec at the end of 2021 and the photographs were taken to support a press announcement… Read More

Industrial Magnetiser Bunting

This set of product photographs of an Industrial Magnetiser, built by Bunting for an Italian customer, supported a press release, blog and were used on their website.  The product had recently been redesigned, becoming more compact.  The photographs were taken at Bunting’s Berkhamsted manufacturing facility, where the magnetiser was going through final tests.  The photographs… Read More

Eddy Current Separator Bunting

A product photography assignment for Bunting-Redditch, showing the final assembly of an Eddy Current Separator.  This two-metre wide Eddy Current Separator from Bunting is destined for an overseas waste recycling plant, where it will recover non-ferrous metals such as aluminium beverage cans.  The equipment was photographed on the shop floor and cut-out post process.  For… Read More

Newly Extended Facility Bunting

We are blessed with a strong and healthy manufacturing sector in the UK, epitomised by Bunting-Redditch and the significant expansion of their production facility near Birmingham.  This collection of photographs reflects the extent of the expansion, which increased production space by 50%, office space by 50%, and a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centre.  The photographs support… Read More

Drum Magnet Bunting

The printer ink and toner cartridge recycling plant managed by BCMY in West Sussex is another great example of recycling success in the UK.  They resell empty cartridges back to manufacturers and also shred, separate and recycle cartridges.  When the cartridges are shredded, the ferrous metal components are exposed and require separation.  Bunting’s high-strength Rare… Read More

ElectroStatic Separation Bunting

Another focus on metal separation as a vital part of any recycling process.  The second part of this product photography project for Bunting (the first focusing on a new Drum Magnet-Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator Module) looked at the application of ElectroStatic Separation used to recover fine copper wire from non-magnetic materials previously lost to… Read More

In Line Magnet Bunting

For some engineered products, it is possible to photograph them in my studio or using my mobile studio set-up.  This set of photographs was taken for Bunting and used in the marketing of their In Line Magnet range.  As with many engineered products, the design of the In Line Magnet is robust and practical.  The… Read More