ElectroStatic Separator Bunting

In May 2020, Bunting launched the new ElectroStatic Separator.  The press release and blog featured professional product photography, fortunately taken earlier in the year before the coronavirus outbreak.  Photographing the ElectroStatic Separator proved challenging as the equipment was located in a poorly lit area of the building whilst a large plant expansion was underway.  Carefully… Read More

Magnetiser Bunting

Magnetisers are used widely in the automotive, aerospace, electronics and other manufacturing sectors.  In fact, the demand for such technology has reached new highs as companies seek to maximise magnet performance to improve operation efficiencies and reduce energy use (i.e. fuel, electricity, etc).  Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of Magnetising… Read More

Bunting European Sales Conference 2020

Global equipment manufacturer Bunting staged their 2020 European conference at their manufacturing facility in Redditch near Birmingham, UK.  Their internal and external sales team along with European distributors received training on how magnetic separators and metal detectors are used in the mineral processing and recycling industries.  The photographs taken at the event were used to… Read More

Drawer Filter Magnets Bunting

The Polymer Training & Innovation Centre in Telford, UK staged the Technivation conference for plastics industry professionals and Bunting was one of several exhibitors.  The Centre provides plastic polymer training and consultancy, specialising in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion training.  It is a technical training and consultancy business owned by City of Wolverhampton College. … Read More

Recycling Test Facility Bunting

In February 2019, Bunting-Redditch opened a new Recycling Test Facility.  Companies involved in recycling and waste management can conduct material tests in a controlled environment.  In the Recycling Test Facility is an Eddy Current Separator (for separating non-ferrous metals), a high intensity Drum Magnet (to separate small ferrous metals) and a Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator… Read More